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SG010 - Artisinal Ice Cream

Artisinal Ice Cream book: a great book of ice cream recipes taken from the prestigious magazine Arte Heladero, which draws on more than 30 years of experience in the sector.


The book brings together more than 200 recipes that have appeared in the magazine in recent years, organised into 13 groupings and accompanied by technical articles about the processes used in the making of ice cream, written by Pablo Galiana and Enrique Coloma.

Ice creams, sorbets, ices, slushes, semifreddoes and other important elements that accompany ice cream such as marbling, crunchy pastry, biscuit layers, coatings and much more, fill the 199 pages of the book. It is an authentic collection of the best that the ice cream world has to offer, including the most recent trends, derived from the craftsmanship of the best known professionals.

The great Artisanal Ice Cream Recipe Book is a fundamental tool, not only for those who wish to be initiated into this marvellous craft, but also for those seeking a useful guide on how to create complete recipes using the most original combinations of ice creams and their accompaniments, specifically designed for today’s ice cream professional.

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