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CV-C225REV3Z - ChocoVision Melter-Temperer Revolation-3z

The Revolation 3Z can produce 30 lbs of perfectly tempered chocolate at a time.Your facility can generate 150+ lbs of chocolate per day, with the efficient yet simple controls. The 3Z's user-friendly display screen makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. our unit uses forced hot air as its heat source. NO LIGHTBULBS, NO HOT WATER BATHS.

(Allow 2-3 weeks delivery lead time)

Video instruction
1 bowl, 2 baes (1 standard/1 holey), 3 scrapers, 1 bae brush, 1 cover, 1 set of knobs, manual.

Cord    8.5
Electronics                      Fully-automatic 8-bit microprocessor
Display                           Blue, back-lit LCD; 20x4 character
Controls                          Easy to use touch key pad
EORY                            Store up to 25 custom cycles eat source forced hot air
Construction                   All stainless steel with easy-clean brush nish
Accuracy                        Controls tempered chocolate in increments of .02°F
Bowl capacity  MAX:       30 lbs. (standard bae)
                                     45 lbs (holey bael)
                                    Min: 10 lbs
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