Chocolate Factory Concept

Chocolate Factory Concept
Ever thought of starting your own chocolate business? Of producing your own chocolate line? You have come to the right site as we have a complete range of chocolate machines and equipment that you will need to get started. We have different models to suit your needs.
For over 30 years, Chocolate World has offered complete solutions for the artisanal chocolate market, sharing their knowledge with you and listening to your valuable ideas and expectations. They manufacture high-quality, user friendly machines ranging from tempering machines, cooling tunnels, melting tanks, mini moulding lines, and chocolate tanks. All machines are manufactured in Antwerp, Belgium.

One of our motivations is to introduce you to the technological possibilities of the traditional chocolate industry. For maximum result, Chocolate World has developed methods to convert industrial systems into artisanal solutions. User friendliness and usability are the main focus in the design of the machines.

We proudly present Chocolate World's latest downloadable Machinery catalogue 2019 for Belgian made machinery for chocolate processing. If you are ready to set up your own chocolate factory here is our recommened Chocolate Factory Concept

You can also check the range of small equipment and tools for your chocolate business from our Equipment catalogue 2019

Chocolate World 

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