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DO33 - iSommelier Pro

Efficient Decanting, Enhanced Taste

Highly concentrated and purified oxygen comes in contact with the full body of the wine more evenly and makes the aeration more efficient. This reduces traditionally required long decanting times. The efficient and convenient aeration process suits the rapid pace of modern life. Enabling you to decant in minutes not hours.

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Great Idea

Purified & Highly Concentrated Oxygen

iSommelier filters the ambient air to remove any impurities (moisture, dust, odors) and isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It aerates wine with a constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen thanks to its advanced oxygen extraction system which uses no chemicals.

        Ambient Air

  •    21% Oxygen
  •    78% Nitrogen
  •    < 01% Carbon Dioxide
  •    Pollutants, Dust, Odors
  •    Moisture

Constant Flow of Purified and Concentrated Oxygen

Decanting wine with a purified oxygen significantly increases the efficiency of this process in terms of time and quality:

  • iSommelier eliminates most of the air pollutants and moisture
  • The constant flow of oxygen mitigates the issue of decanting wine at a location with different air pressure
  • This advanced system guarantees that any wine will be served with a constant quality wherever in the world it is decanted

Patented Glass Decanter

Purified and highly concentrated oxygen flows upwards into the specially designed tube inside our patented decanter. It then reverses direction, and flows downwards and back out into every milliliter of the wine.

Softer Tannins and Enhanced Aromas

The specially designed glass decanter evenly diffuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine, rather than just the surface:

  • It truely completes oxygenation
  • It rounds out tannins providing a smooth mouthfeel
  • It sublimes all aromas revealing the full potential of the win

Time Efficiency

iSommelier reduces the decanting time from hours to only minutes, keeping the full flavors and aromas of the wine that winemaker wants to deliver to your palate. It also allows to have better control of the serving temperature of the wine being less exposed to ambient temperature.

Preserved Flavors and Aromas

Unlike traditional decanting that inhibits some flavors and aromas and limits the full potential of the wine over time, iSommelier:

  • Shortens the decanting time to prevent wine from a long exposure to damaging elements and ambient temperature
  • Preserves all the complex flavors and aromas released simultaneously during oxygenation
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