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SQ3C-1142 - #SQ3C-1142 Cascade Chocolate Fountain

Introducing the Cascade Chocolate Fountains, the unique design entices customers, saves you money and is interchangeable with the standard fountain already sold by JM Posner.

Works between 5 to 15kg of chocolate for 300 people. 

Available in both stainless steel or 24-carat electro gold plated

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An alternative to the standard tiered #SQ3 chocolate fountain and the top section of each is interchangeable with the other. Though you can use the same base for either option, the #SQ3C Cascade Chocolate Fountain uses up to 4 Kg less fountain chocolate than its counterpart, potentially saving you a significant amount of money over time.

The Cascade Chocolate Fountain also has a more complex, attention-grabbing appearance, which may be preferable for some events and some clientele. The interchangeability of our chocolate fountains can be a benefit for caterers who invest in both, or who might wish to upgrade from one to the other in the future. It provides you with invaluable options as you decide how to set up each specific job.

The #SQ3C Cascade Chocolate Fountain gives you a unique twist on the same kind of elegance you get from any of our chocolate fountains. It has a lovely modern, polished stainless steel exterior, which is easy to disassemble for cleaning at the end of each day. And it is every bit as easy to fill, lock, and use at the temperature and power settings you specify.

As with all of our chocolate fountains, it dresses up your dessert table beautifully with barely any extra effort.

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