HotmixPRO overview


From Preparation to Cooking

– it’s like having a sous-chef –

HotmixPRO is an innovative range of multifunction professional kitchen appliances.

HotmixPRO units, with their special blades, can work as a mixer -to emulsify liquids- and as a cutter – to chop any solid ingredient.

Equipped with professional motors (up to 3000W – depending on the model), able to run the blades from 0 (still) to 16000 rpm, they can easily: any kind of food.

Today, many food preparations are still performed with ordinary cutters, typically unable to go faster than 3000 rpm; but thanks to the 26 different speeds of HotmixPRO, you will be able to do the same things (and many more) much faster, and without affecting the properties ingredients.

The high speed (up to 16’000 rpm in some models) shortens processing times, also providing a whole new level of refinement.

You can blend and liquefy any kind of ingredient, smoothly enough to be fit for clinical patients!

These capabilities are complemented by an innovative heating/cooling system.

Cook and Freeze any kind of food, at any temperature between -24°C (-11°F) and 190°C (374°F) , with perfect, degree-by-degree temperature control. And mix as gently (or as fast) as you want at the same time!

1 tool, 2 accessories, 27 functions! (available functions depends on models)

  • Cutting
  • Beating
  • Mincing
  • Mixing
  • Whipping
  • Grinding
  • Emulsifying
  • Kneading
  • Pulverizing
  • Cooking hot
  • Reducing hot
  • Browning hot
  • Steam cooking hot
  • Sous vide cooking hot
  • Stewing hot
  • Candying hot
  • Roasting hot
  • Caramelizing hot
  • Chocolate tempering hot cold
  • Chlorophyll extraction hot
  • Stirring ice cream cold
  • Pasteurizing hot cold
  • Vacuum cooking vacuum hot
  • Vacuum cutting vacuum
  • Vacuum drying vacuum hot
  • Vacuum concentrating vacuum hot
  • Vacuum soaking vacuum hot
and much more!

 Outstanding Performances!

Details make the difference!

100% stainless steel body, AISI 304 grade
Blade set entirely made of stainless steel:
  • Blades made of a single piece for solid operations and easy cleaning.
  • Japanese stainless steel bearings which allow the cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Transmission connections in casting steel for a long duration.
  • Aluminum pulleys which always guarantee the transmission of the maximum power.
Easy to clean: All parts that are in contact with food can be easily dismounted and cleaned in the dishwasher.
Flexible: The special conic shape of the bowls allows easy processing of the ingredients, even with small quantities.
Intuitive symbols: Easy to use from the very beginning, thanks to the simple and intuitive symbols.

Customizable: the user can store new recipes, with up to 16 subsequent steps each, so that they will be always available, and repeatable without human error. Not to mention the pre-stored recipes (up to 400).
What's more, the bowl and the lid are easily placed either on the left or on the right side... perfect for the left-handed users.

Simple and Effective!

The standout, unique feature of the HotmixPRO, is its ability to process any kind of food, such as creams, sauces, and jams, eliminating the many intermediate steps necessary when preparing recipes that require constant attention and repeated intervention to ensure a successful outcome.

All the ingredients can be put into the bowl, and the expected result can be achieved easily, thanks to the ultra-accurate temperature control. HotmixPRO will mix the contents of the bowl steadily and uniformly, at the selected speed and temperature, so that a perfect preparation is assured every time.

This ensures that preparations proceed without any waste of time, and guarantees that quality will never fall below expectations.

Using HotmixPRO, even the most demanding professionals will be able to maximize the quality of every single delicacy, thanks to the precision controls: the best and most popular recipes can be standardized, memorized and then reproduced any time, any day and by any member of the staff.

HotmixPRO will allow foodservice professionals to take care of all the jobs that were difficult to get done before, due to shortage of time and staff.

No more need to be everywhere at once!

After creating a new recipe, it can be stored in the SD card. Or, a recipe can be simply choosen from the many pre-stored. There will be more free time to focus on other duties - things that seemed complicated and sometimes impossible before, but will be simpler and quicker in future.

In short, the foodservice offering can be enhanced, and customer satisfaction increased.

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